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Make your tv smart

I just bought a smart tv dongle


Connect it thru the HDMI port and your ordinary LCD tv will turn into a Smart TV.

It runs in Android ICS, and have a USB port so you just add a hub to connect your mouse and keyboard and your tv is now acting like a big computer.

It also reads my 500gb external storage so i can now watch all my movie collection.

Youtube is not pre installed so i downloaded it from the playstore. After installation i run some HD movies like BLITZ(2011) and its awesome, you should have a very good internet connection to enjoy watching from the web.


Have tried some games and all work perfectly but since i dont have a wireless mouse its a pain playing games when you’re too close at the tv.

Since SmartTV is so expensive nowadays, buying those are not recommended. If you have a TV with HDMI input then this dongle is for you.



Lotus Notes Consultant @ 77GSI. contact me thru ym: glennliwanag

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