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Kata box unboxing

After opening i immediately check for upgrade of firmware and there is one.


The controller is easy to use but its kinda slow when charging


The Kata box. Looks very similar to apple tv


It has a remote controll that can also be used in games

After looking around the settings i installed Beach Buggy Blitz

It is playable although it hangs in the middle of my run. Didnt know what happen and it stop reaponding so i shutdown the console.

Played crossy rode, this one is so fun to play but seems the remote is a bit delayed on a click. You have to count ur click to avoid over clicking.

I also check the soccer game but this one is very little in figures, much better if the player is bigger since it is displayed on a wider screen.

Then the bomb squad. This i enjoyed alot, i have no idea what this game is i just click on punch and run around to avoid the bomb thrown at me.

Spotify: good but needs fast internet connection to download my playlist.

Youtube: again need fast internet to enjoy it.

Video: all format is playable. I still need to check if the console can detect my sata hdd.

Overall: its a good media player.
Gaming Console: you need to check on games if its playable via controller since most of the games in android is on touch mode



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