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SM Technical Analysis


This is my personal view on $SM

Analyzing the chart above we can see that the Moving Average is perfectly in play and we don’t see any sign of slowing down.

DMI although below 30 but still pointing upward so it may hit that point. I use DMI to check if its time to Enter a stock, the green line should be above the red line and the blue line should be above 30.

Other indicators are all Bullish, except for VolumneSMA(15)

Here’s investagrams table of Moving Average and Indicators

Moving Averages
Period Simple Exponential
MA 20 662.20 ( BULLISH ) 672.1229 ( BULLISH )
MA 50 673.85 ( BULLISH ) 669.1411 ( BULLISH )
MA 100 663.9250 ( BULLISH ) 667.6400 ( BULLISH )
MA 200 668.8333 ( BULLISH ) 659.7077 ( BULLISH )
Name Value Action
RSI(14) 62.0702 BULLISH
MACD(12,26,9) 7.3923, 1.2673002770 BULLISH
ATR(14) 14.3550 (2.06%) LOW
CCI(20) 170.5351 BULLISH
STS(14,3,3) 98.8402 NEUTRAL
Williams %R(14) 0.00 NEUTRAL
VolumeSMA(15) 554,107 BEARISH
CandleStick(1) White Marubozu BULLISH

Caveat: trade at your own risk



Lotus Notes Consultant @ 77GSI. contact me thru ym: glennliwanag

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