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JFC Technical Analysis

Today i tried using Know Sure Thing as indicator to analyze if we have a buy/sell signal or confirmation of trends for JFC

KST is developed by Martin Pring, it shows overall momentum of a stock.

As you can see from the image the KST cross the signal line which means a buy signal, lets just hope it stays above until it reaches the zero line to confirm an uptrend.

Update: As of last day JFC is trying to break the first Resistance at 199.9, although Net Foreign is dumping their shares.

MA20 is now on Bullish side, the next MA is still way far but lets hope it reach soon

Moving Averages
Period Simple Exponential
MA 20 193.1950 ( BULLISH ) 194.4706 ( BULLISH )
MA 50 199.7440 ( BEARISH ) 198.8381 ( BEARISH )
MA 100 204.2620 ( BEARISH ) 206.4522 ( BEARISH )
MA 200 225.45 ( BEARISH ) 214.6432 ( BEARISH )

Caveat: tayor



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